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Join us in our Horseback Riding, Sport Fishing, Snorkeling, Whale Watching, we just miss you. Welcome!.

Why rancho manuel?

We are a native of Sayulita, and with several generations that has continued the love of horses, the sea and especially our beloved people. Our activities include, horse riding, sport fishing, snorkeling, whale watching (in season). All tours and activities services are exclusively private to better meet your expectations.

We have guided tours that adapt to everyone from beginners to experts.

by land

Horseback Riding

We are going through the beach, the jungle and different places in Sayulita and surrounding areas

Let's Go!

By Sea

Fishing, Whales and more...

Let's have an unforgettable day at the sea

Let's Go!

By land

We are going through the beach, the jungle and different places in Sayulita and surrounding areas

By sea

Let’s have an unforgettable day at the sea


Without needing the tourist projection so intense of other tourist corridors, the Riviera Nayarit presents a generous offer of relaxation and rest. It has solitary beaches, with an intense swell and other excellent conditions for surfing. The prevailing environment is at the same time cosmopolitan and traditional because of the enriching presence of the Huichols and their fascinating worldview.

Sayulita is a community of attractive environment and with a more accentuated tourism dynamic in relation to other populations of the region. It is an indispensable option to include in any itinerary dedicated to the most interesting sites of the Riviera Nayarit. Sayulita is located just a few minutes from San Pancho, so it is advisable to enjoy both places in a single holiday.

The fact that Sayulita has a greater popularity with respect to other destinations in the area, could be explained in part by its natural conditions, perfect for the enjoyment of surfing. It has an extensive beach, much admired by surfing fans who come from the Mexican capital and different American, Canadian and European cities.

Both in the day and at night the community vibrates for the enthusiasm of the visitors, happy to enjoy the many wonders of the Mexican Pacific in one place. While the sun shines with all its power in the clean sky, many visitors like to enjoy the beach; others simply lie on the sand to contemplate the vast horizon of the sea; Couples like to take long walks on the beach, and of course there are many surfers.

It should be noted that contact with nature is one of the most valuable aspects when visiting a site like Sayulita. Depending on the month of the year in which this Nayarit destination is visited, you will have the privilege of releasing turtles or watching whales in the beautiful sea. Another way to interact with the exuberant environment is through certain sports and activities related to adventure tourism, such as kayaking, cycling and horseback riding.

Sailboat rental

time to relax

Give your day a plus, why not pamper yourself a little with some friends or family. Within our new services we have the perfect trip for you on one of our sailboats.

On board you will find everything you need to make your trip as comfortable as possible, we know in advance that you will have an excellent ride across the bay.

We hope to count on you and that you live an unforgettable experience. We will wait for you!


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